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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, flexible needles, inserted into specific points on the body to activate the body's own healing powers. Learn More >

Nutrition Support and Counseling

I am a firm believer that you in part are a product of "what you put in the tank"! Navigating diet choices can be tricky and confusing these days in our culture with so much pop culture and fad dieting. I am happy to share all that I have learned and experienced about the relationship of food and health. I also utilize Chinese Herbal Medicine and nutrient supplementation when necessary. Learn More >

Other Healing Modalities

Other Oriental medical modalities that I use include moxibustion, Shiatsu bodywork and cupping. I hope you will come with an open mind about empowering yourself in your journey to better health.  Some other things we will likely talk about are your exercise practice and honing or starting a mindfulness practice. Learn More >


Sarah May Acupuncture & Wellness 

175 West B Street

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Springfield OR, 97477